yoli4christ (yoli4christ) wrote in grammarpeeve,

Typos vs. grammar stupidity

Typos don't bother me so much. I tend to make TONS of typos, mostly "teh" for THE and "becah" for beach, stuff like that. I can read between the typos, so I have no problem knowing what other people meant when they type a typo.

One of my biggest grammarpeeves is the misuse of there/their/they're. It grates on my nerves like crazy.

I recently typed up a story and wasn't able to proof read it for a few days. When I DID proof it, I found that I had used THERE instead of THEIR *3 TIMES!!!*

*hangs head in shame*

That, my friends, was a total typo. And I do it frequently, but tend to notice as I type it that I just typed there instead of their. Ugh. And so anyone who read it before I fixed it probably cringed, and thought I was a dummy.

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