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LJ threads to cry over

Here are some gems I stole from a photography LJ. There was some discussion about a picture of what looked to be a cat's paw covered in snow, and whether or not the animal was dead.

What does the fact weither the animal is dead or not have anything to do with it being beautiful. Even if it is dead its still beautiful, anyone who thinks different has some major problems with life and death, death is as natural as the growth of a flower.

WEITHER? Eek. Also, since when do we end a question with a period? And commas and apostrophes, unite!

I honestly doubt anyone is morning over some rando picture of a dead cat. A picture of a dead cat is not sad, unless of course its your cat that you deaply love. In conclusion I'm not trying to insult anyone or whatnot, I just simply think that its silly to say that something so beautiful like a picture of a frozen dead cats paw is sad, because it not.

Morning? Rando? Is that like Rambo? Deaply?

And yet another post in a photography LJ about psychics:

YES, I know when Dionne Warwick was doing those commercails. She also sang "doe's anybody know the to san jose" none of the psychics gave her directions.

*facepalm* While I don't have the desire to claw my eyes out, I "morn" for the dead grammar. :)

Ahh, what a great way to start off the day!
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I hope the members of this community check to see if the people they complain about have English as their native language before posting here.
Um, no, I just randomly pick apart the grammar of all people. I don't only pick apart the people that have some sort of excuse.