Barlow Girl (barlow_girl) wrote in grammarpeeve,
Barlow Girl

Just so we're clear:

I peek through the window at the peak of the mountain to see the sunrise which has piqued my interest.

that is all.
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Ja ja ja ja ja!!! I was reading that, not seeing you put it in grammarpeeve and was like, "That's odd . . ." and then I noticed.
I think that people who read a lot know the difference. Yours is a good sentence to illustrate the meaning of each.

I got tired of reporters in Iraq pronouncing 'cache' as 'cachet'!
you're right. really, people who read a lot know a LOT. :o] i just got peeved b/c i had seen one or the other incorrect form about half a dozen times in the last couple days, including an email from a professional recruiter! sheesh.
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